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The life in a warehouse

When people receive parcels in the morning and take out the products they ordered, they expect that they get exactly what they ordered in the right size, the right colour, the right quantity and for the price that has been stated in the catalogue or the online shopping website. Most people take it for granted that companies send them the right products and many people get quite angry when they open a parcel and see something is wrong, i.e. the shoes came in the wrong size.

What many people do not know is what the life inside a warehouse looks like. Distribution and logistics aren’t the easiest jobs, especially when the warehouse stocks a variety of different products. Often the products are already packed and the only way to know which product is in which parcels are the labels that are attached to them. It is terrible when the wrong labels are put on a box – it costs the company money because they have to pay postage for sending the right product and they also lose their customers’ trust to get things right. If something goes wrong in the warehouse, it might even lead to the loss of customers. No serious business would want that.

Making life easier with Warehouse Voice Recognition and Logistics Software

This is where warehouse voice recognition and logistics software comes in. Once you have a warehouse with different products in different aisles, maybe even with robots getting stock from the farthest corners of the huge warehouse, you simply can’t get along without very good logistics software.

If you decide to go for warehouse voice recognition, then you should look for a company that offers all services you need, including logistics software. Why is that? It might be that you would like the logistics software from one company (or you are already using one) but think that another company has the better voice recognition software. Using two different companies in your warehouse might, however, lead to compatibility problems. If you choose to use the same company for all your needs, then you can rest assured that the products of that company will work together without a glitch. A good logistics software company will also train you in the proper use of the software and will set everything up for you so that it all works together perfectly. One company will be able to make your warehouse be better organized and easier to manage – whereas using two different companies (or even more) will only lead to problems.

Setting up a Voice Recognition Warehouse

Once voice recognition is successfully set up in the warehouse, you will have to train your staff to use it properly. Some staff members might have too much of a dialect to really be understood by the voice recognition software and they would have to be trained to at least master the commands for the program without speaking in their dialect. Training your staff is a vital step because if they don’t use the software properly it might just lead to delivering the wrong products to the customers – which is just the thing you would like to avoid!

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