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  The Minster Logistics solution delivers all the necessary function to support teams that control the whole supply chain process, including:
  • Customer-specific price lists, which can be comprehensive and/or hierarchical
  • Supplier Invoice matching and clearing delivers labour-saving efficiencies
  • Debt management is maintained with automated monitoring of supplier accounts, invoices and statements
  • Financial ledgers are maintained
  • Telesales functions are fully integrated with sales order processing activities
  • Third party contract management is a key feature of the application. As a market leader, we deliver a best of breed solution

Debt Management Module

The debt management module automates the process of monitoring customer accounts and chasing payment. It automatically performs all the necessary day-to-day activities, only alerting customer support staff when a customer’s debt reaches a nominated age or value. The system caters for customer groupings, for example where several accounts are linked to one main account. In this instance, the combined debt of all sub-accounts is considered and statements or letters are sent to the main account.  

Customer Statements

Statements can be produced at the end of each month or customers can be assigned a ‘statement’ day within the month. On the appropriate day, statements are generated and issued electronically to customers. The statement is produced in PDF format which can be printed from their PC. For those customers who do not have email or fax facilities, there is the option send printed statements by post.  

Chasing Letters

The module caters for three levels of letter, each relating to a different qualifying age and minimum debt value.  For example:
  • Level 1 Letter – Qualifying age 30 days minimum debt value £10
  • Level 2 Warning – Qualifying age 60 days minimum debt value £50
  • Level 3 Legal Warning – Qualifying age 90 days minimum debt value £100
The system reviews each account every day and, where necessary, chasing letters are either automatically generated and issued electronically or printed and posted. The letters are also produced in Adobe Acrobat format. Checks can be included to ensure letters are not sent too frequently. For example, the system can be configured so it will not send a level one letter within seven days of a previous letter. Also, specified customers can be excluded from the ‘chasing letter’ process.  

Chasing Activity Log

The module keeps a log of all statements and letters being sent to customers. This includes date, time, letter type, outstanding debt value and so on. Customer Services staff can access the log and add further entries to record actions taken such as conversations with customers.

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