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  The Minster Logistics solution provides all the necessary functionality to support the Transportation and Delivery process, including:
  • Voice controlled marshalling and loading
  • Dynamic and strategic vehicle routing, which includes full integration with 3rd party solutions such as Optrak and Paragon
  • In Cab management/paperless delivery to provide electronic journey lists and PoD capture and delivery discrepancy management to enable clean invoicing
  • GPRS will allow real-time delivery monitoring
  • GPS satellite navigation
  • PDA/camera integration

PDA Vehicle Routing and Delivery

Route details can be downloaded from the Minster system to a PDA and used by drivers in place of printed route sheets. The display lists drops/customers on route and the status of each, for example outstanding, delivered, delivered with discrepancies. The driver can select a customer and see their full details, including name and address, contact phone number, delivery notes, requisitions and number of cages.  

Electronic Proof of Delivery

The display contains fields for the customer to sign for goods, print their name and write a short comment. There is also an option to view the products and quantities on a delivery note, and to record shortages and rejections.  

GPS Satellite Navigation

There are various PDA hardware options available ranging from a simple dockable PDA, to a more robust wireless PDA with integral bar code scanner, GPS satellite navigation and GPRS software installed.  

GPRS Option

The GPRS option allows confirmation of the delivery to be transmitted back to the Minster system as soon as delivery takes place. The GPS option directs the driver between deliveries.  

Onboard Camera

The Minster system includes a camera option for the PDA. This can be used to capture an image of the delivery at the point of customer signature.  

Delivery Discrepancies

This module allows delivery discrepancies to be recorded and will automatically suggest and control the recovery action that needs to be taken. For example, in the case of a short delivery, the system offers the options to:
  • Issue the missing goods free of charge
  • Issue a credit note for the missing goods
  • Collect the delivered goods and credit the entire invoice item

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