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Palletrac is a high-end solution to manage pallet storage and adds significant value to Minster’s WMS offering. 

The software is able to transform warehouse administration by tracking each pallet from delivery through to dispatch.

Palletrac has been designed to evolve as a business grows. It is available both as a standalone package for new customers and as an additional module for the existing Minster logistics solution. It also allows the user to enter data manually with a paper driven system or migrate to full voice control.

The software provides a complete end to end solution commencing with the creation of a new client. It then tracks the movement of each pallet within the warehouse environment generating an automated invoice using supplied conditions, such as length of time stored, which is available at the point of release.

Palletrac is a perfect fit for third party storage sites as it provides flexible options for managing multiple clients’ activity. Upon receiving a storage request the software displays how much space is available in the warehouse at that time and how many pallets of the supplied size can be received. All data is stored using SQL databases and has integrated online backups as standard. As with Minster’s core logistics software, Palletrac’s .net interface offers SaaS (Software as a Service) application or traditional installation on site.

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