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  The Minster Logistics Software system supports the purchasing and supply business process with the following products:
  • Product classification, using Pareto and cost, and demand analysis
  • Stock policy management to deliver critical and over-stock warnings to maintain optimum stock levels and thereby effectively minimising stock capital employed
  • Stock replenishment using sales forecasting models such as seasonal, averaging or profiled
  • Purchase orders can be automatically generated and transmitted
  • E-commerce/EDI links can be used to optimise communications across the supply chain
  • Goods receipt bookings can be confirmed using the web-based diary function
  • Daily purchase routines can be used to purchase very short shelf-life products
  • Direct deliveries can be planned

Purchase Order Processing

The objective of the purchase order processing module is to use accurately maintained stock levels in conjunction with known and forecasted sales demand, to raise and monitor purchase orders so control over stock holdings and product availability is maximised.  

Product Classification / Stock Policy Levels

Stock items are classified using the Pareto concept, which is based on the cost of sales value over a specified time period. Corporate standards can then be defined for the purchasing stock policy parameters for each class. These parameters define order frequency, critical stock level, buffer stock, maximum stock level, and so on.  

Product Review

The Minster system reviews the stock level of every product on a daily basis to determine whether a purchase order should be raised. To establish whether a re-order is required, the system uses the standard corporate rules and links stock-holding, undelivered purchase orders, advance sales orders, forecast sales demand, supplier’s lead time, stock policy levels, preferred order days, preferred delivery days, and so forth. The Minster system offers a choice of sales forecasting methods, which includes:
  • Simple averaging
  • Seasonal – where the system applies the current year’s sales trend to the previous year’s weekly/monthly sales and calculates an accurate forecast
  • Profiled – where the user assigns a sales profile to the product or group of products.
The profile defines when the sales are expected to occur throughout the year and automatically raises purchase orders as appropriate.  

Sending Purchase Orders to Suppliers

The Minster system is able to transmit purchase orders to suppliers automatically in a variety of formats including XML and Tradacoms. The orders can be delivered by email, fax or via a value added network. The system provides order acknowledgements and advance delivery notes, which can be used to plan the goods receipt activity.  

Sales Order Processing

This module has been designed to provide added value to the supplier/customer relationship with the guarantee of fast and accurate capture of sales orders using interactive telesales sessions, EDI transmissions or the Internet.  

Electronic Receipt of Orders

Orders can be received electronically in a variety of formats including XML, Tradacoms and Edifact.

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