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Minster Logistics Software has been appointed UK Value Added Reseller for Ecomond Route optimisation software.

Since meeting with Minster twelve months ago, Finland-based Ecomond Oy has worked with the development team to integrate its route planning and Transport Control System (TCS), which includes GPS positioning, with Minster’s existing software modules.

TCS is a full Transport Management System (TMS) containing three main modules – Optimisation, In Cab and Office, where all necessary data for route and resources can be controlled. This dynamic solution allows the user to interact quickly and efficiently online, by phone, or using an interface to make changes.

The software packages knit well together so Minster is able to offer many additional benefits to customers. The enhanced solution guarantees the most efficient, cost-effective course is selected by drivers utilising map interfaces and guidance, fleet and en route tasks are managed, and deliveries are recorded with signature capture on a hand-held device. The result is an end-to-end software solution that delivers seamless support from procurement through warehouse management to distribution and delivery.

Matti Tuukkanen, VP of Sales with Ecomond Oy, explained:
“Minster Logistics Software solution utilises our existing product offering to deliver a superior product to its customers. We recognise the value it adds to our software and wanted this to be officially recognised.”

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