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The advantages of adopting Minster software solutions together with achieved results have been captured for the first time in a new video.

Customers and Minster staff were interviewed on camera and gave open feedback and reviews for the film, which shows how the voice-enabled software is implemented in a variety of settings thereby demonstrating it is truly an end to end solution.

Minster Logistics Software is transforming distribution centres across the UK with easy to use applications that streamline processes to improve productivity. The return on investment made in Minster’s proven warehouse and distribution management software is considerable. Voice technology typically increases efficiency by 25%. Further significant positive benefits include increased levels of accuracy from 97% to 99.95%. As the opportunity for human error is kept to a minimum additional costs are subsequently reduced. Customers report they are also able to advance their service offering and improve effectiveness without impact on staffing.

The video, entitled Merchandise in Motion was produced by Birmingham-based production company, Ark Media, and can be seen below, on the Minster website, and on YouTube.

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