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How does Warehouse Voice Recognition work?

Voice recognition software for a warehouse is something that has become more and more popular since the 1990s – and also more reliable and advanced. When such a system is used, the workers wear headphones which also have little microphones attached. The computer system will use simple voice instructions to tell the worker where he needs to go and what needs to be picked up in which quantity.

The worker can then in return use simple voice commands to tell the computer system that he finished the pick up or ask the computer to repeat the instructions. There are also simple commands for problems that might occur (i.e. can’t find the item or found a damaged item) which are then logged into the computer’s system and forwarded to the appropriate place. Warehouses that use voice recognition will usually have it linked up with a good warehouse logistics software system to also keep track of inventory and orders.

Do I need voice recogniton in my warehouse?

If you only have a little warehouse with only a small selection of goods and a small workforce, then it might not be interesting for you to get a warehouse – but once you hit a certain size, have a few workers to coordinate and many different products that are stored in your warehouse, then a warehouse voice recognition system can make life so much easier for you. It will also greatly reduce the amount of orders that have been delivered to the wrong person or that have not had the correct amount of items or the wrong items in them.

What are the benefits of using Logistics Software and Warehouse Voice Recognition?

If you go ahead an implement voice recognition software in your warehouse, you will soon notice an increase in productivity and efficiency. The reasons for this are:

» The picking will be more accurate
» The inventory will be more accurate because the computer can keep better track of everything than a mere mortal
» The employees will be more productive because their instructions will be a lot clearer
» The safety will be improved because workers will never end up in the wrong place again by accident
» New workers will need less time for training because the system will always tell them what to do anyway
» Job satisfaction will be increased because of a reduced amount of frustration
» As there is no more need for printing and distributing documents for the picking, the cost for printing will be reduced or even completely eliminated
» The customers will be more satisfied because they will hardly ever receive the wrong item again as computers mak less mistakes than people.

If you think that this sounds just like what you would like to achieve in your warehouse – in short: happy workers, happy customers, reduced costs and more productivity – then there really is no way around implementing a good warehouse voice recognition system in your warehouse and link it up with a good logistics software.

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