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An exceptional warehouse has an excellent warehouse management system in place to ensure tasks are done on time and to the right specification. Keeping a tidy warehouse is especially important. With different types of documents and stock flying around the warehouse, making sure your warehouse doesn’t resemble a war zone or rubbish tip is very essential. Creating harmony within your warehouse is vital to make sure it runs as smoothly as it can. We have some top tips to make sure you create harmony and keep a tidy warehouse. 

1. Make Best Stock Accessible. Do you have a best selling product? Why don’t you make that one more accessible for your warehouse workers to receive and collect for customers? Managing a warehouse is making sure your picking process to optimized and one way to do this is to make sure best selling products are the easiest to retrieve. Keep them clearly labelled and able to get out quickly and avoid the scavenger hunt that can frustrate employees and waiting customers. 

2. Keep good stock management habits. Don’t allow yourself to procrastinate when you receive new stock from your supplier. Get into the habit of putting it away as soon as it arrives. If it arrives at the same time, same day every week, make sure you schedule time around the delivery to put away and sort stock as soon as it arrives so employees aren’t fishing through boxes the next few days to find items for customers. A good system to use when putting stock away on the shelves is to sort the stock into likewise items that live together in the warehouse so it’s easier to put them away. 

3. Analyse your stock layout. If you are constantly shipping certain items together, it makes perfect sense to stock them together in your warehouse. If you analyse your stock data and see Item A is often sold with Item B, then it’s time to decrease your employee’s picking time and starting sorting the stock room into a logical system that places these items close by in the warehouse. 

4. Keep your warehouse team informed. This seems like an obvious point but it’s remarkable how many warehouse managers move stock around in a way that is logical to them without telling the staff what’s going on. Keeping your warehouse team informed can make or break the business because they are the bottom line of your warehouse. They live and breathe your stock and spend enough time with it to know what works and what doesn’t. Make sure you take their feedback into consideration. 

As well as these four points, having a good warehouse management system in place can be the making of your warehouse. Warehouse voice control can minimize human error and eliminate the need for paper documents. Voice stock control allows a hands free, paper free warehouse operation which is more cost effective, quicker to implement, safer and more accurate.

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