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In today’s advanced technological world, the latest warehouse management systems have to be at the forefront of any warehouse business. A Warehouse Management System can dramatically reduce the costs of error in your business and improve accuracy. The latest gadget on the market for warehouse management system is a voice stock control system. The voice stock control system can bring considerable return investment for your warehouse business. Voice stock control is innovative and an advancement that brings many benefits and profits to your business. Below, we will explain some of the benefits that voice stock control can bring to your warehouse management system. 

One of the benefits of voice stock control is the minimises the use of paper within the warehouse for picking the goods and replenishment of the goods. Handling paper lists is one of the biggest problems faced by warehouse staff, or looking at electronic screens all day to handle orders and replenishment. The paper kind of approach to warehouse management is time consuming for both the warehouse and the staff, can lead to staff errors, staff injuries, as well as  leading to damaged goods. Voice technology allows a hands free, paper free warehouse operation which is more cost effective, quicker to implement, safer and more accurate. 

Another benefit of voice stock control is when the goods are dispatched to consumers, the warehouse staff can communicate to the customers in real time the time it will take them to arrive. There is no need for the human staff to confirm the movement which minimises man hours taken for the dispatching and reduces the chance of human error. A great feature is that the warehouse management system is automatically updated which provides consumers with accurate tracking capabilities. The accuracy is improved greatly by using voice stock control within dispatching, as well as efficiency. You can save up to 80% on dispatch time, as well as saving 14% in operations. There is no more need for drivers to ring up the warehouse demanding where the stock is for customers as the voice stock control system updates automatically so they are fully aware of when the dispatched stock will arrive. The quickness and efficiency of using the voice stock control software for dispatching leads to improved customer satisfaction as well as no terminal-level optimisation. 

A third benefit is when goods arrive at the warehouse, human staff used to be faced with the task of checking them and placing them away in their required area. Voice stock control can help the staff inform the warehouse management system of when and each item that is received and to capture important details such as bar code and batch number. This improves accuracy within the team and reduces the cost of errors for your warehouse. 

Warehouse management systems are changing rapidly and improving every day with new technology and inventions. One of the best in voice stock control to improve efficiency, accuracy and minimise human error by up to 3% improvement. This can save your business a lot of time, effort and money. 

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